Our Services

We take care of commercial advertising and marketing images on behalf of our customers as well as producing catalogs and videos with the assistance of the best professionals in the field and cutting- edge technology.


The best technical quality and a thirty years experience, make Studio Giovetti a benchmark for photographing fashion, furniture and underwear and in the industrial, still life fields as well. We work on location, out of doors or in the studio.


The photographic eye and thorough knowledge of lighting allow us to produce professional institutional, technical and emotional videos of the highest quality. This is also thanks in no small way to the contribution of professional film-making equipment.

Photo Render 3D

The evolving industry has spurred us on to the new standards adopted by the market: 3D introduces new horizons of creativity, combined with photographic performance still unmatched, allowing us to create render of an incredible quality, with the inclusion of the products photographed in the studio.

Who are we?

We are a dynamic studio representing a significant part of the history of commercial photography in Italy with expertise gained over 30 years in the business. Competent and competitive, we operate in different sectors from our photographic studio or on location.
We have the ideas, the strength and the ability to transform a company’s philosophy into visual images.

Severino Orlandi


For 30 years in the world of commercial photography.
Meticulous professional, doesn’t accept lower standards
when is needed to reach Quality.

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